Sunday, March 30, 2008

Operation Birthday Box

Every once in a while a mission comes along that is just perfect for a certain soldier. I was uniquely qualified for the mission based on my knowledge of the target and my past experiences with the organization that wanted to execute the mission. Careful planning was undertaken to ensure complete secrecy. I can only divulge details to you now that the mission is complete.

To begin a secret code was developed, a rough timeline laid out, and all operatives were ordered to maintain a high degree of “operational security” so the target would not suspect anything.

A diversion technique was used very effectively to distract the target from the real goal of the operation. The assets were shipped under clandestine means, and placed into position for rapid deployment. As the day of the operation neared I began to get nervous that my target was onto our plan. I shifted my schedule to ensure that details were not divulged. I enlisted the assistance of another covert operator to aid in my mission. He was eager to participate. As with all missions the Fog and Friction of war come into play. The night before just as the mission was about to be kicked off a snag in the plan arose. Our transportation was off schedule, we would possibly have to resort to the backup plan. Luckily, my partner was able to secure the necessary transportation but had to make several passes by the target to pick me up. We were concerned that the target was suspecting something, but in post-mission analysis the target claims no knowledge of the event.

Once in position we executed to plan with precision. We recorded the layout for de-briefing and returned to base. The assets were in place, the target had no idea (we hoped) and would walk right into our trap. To keep a close eye on things, I personally escorted the target to the area of operations the next morning. I ensured he was not distracted and walked right into our trap.


Yes it was my pod-mates birthday yesterday. His wife had contacted my wife and asked if I would help set up something for Chuck. She shipped me a box of party stuff in advance (under an assumed name of course). I hid the giant box, hoping Chuck had not seen it (he usually gets to the mail before I do and would be suspicious of this large box for Ted, but one I never brought back to the POD). His wife shipped him a cake and present to distract him from thinking something else was up. I invited another buddy to help me set up the night prior. We only have 1 truck, and someone else had to use it, so I was nervous it would not work out. But my buddy secured the keys, but had to stop by my pod and ask where I was (of course I was out blogging or something). So he had to mention to my roommate – “hey tell Ted I have the keys?” I was sure Chuck knew we were up to something (he says my cover story of making a phone call from the office threw him off the trail). I tried to let everybody know so they could be there for the big show. I made sure to drive Chuck straight to the office that morning. And – Walla – Operation Birthday Box was a huge success. Happy Birthday Chuck.

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Anonymous said...

Until I read this post, I had forgotten how truly boring "down range" is. Hang in there. Cheers, Jeffy