Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Been There – Done That – Got the T-Shirt

Today someone in our group stumbled upon some care packages that were stored in the back of a CONEX. One of our guys was talking with one of the rec center managers and saying we could help them get rid of some candy by giving it to the families that come to visit the detainees. Some others in our group have been part of a program to help distribute things to the families. You know all part of the winning the hearts and minds of the people. Well that discussion led to a trip to some storage container that had approx 300 “care packages” that were put together for the troops for Christmas and were never distributed. So we offered to help.

All of us out at the courthouse made sure to get a package of our own and then we had to sort many of the others because they have things we can’t give the families – like pork products (beef jerky). Here’s a picture of the goodies. We also pulled the T-shirts and have been giving them to the troops around us. There are lots of guards and other soldiers out there with us so I am sure it won’t take long to disperse all the goodies.

It also had a calling card, hand cream, candy and snacks. I’m very appreciative of all those that take part in programs like this to help build and donate for the care packages. I think I’ll take one of the T-shirts and use it for a tablecloth for my nightstand - since we can't wear civilian clothes.

Had one of the MSGTs take some trimmers and give me a haircut. Then I took my electric shaver and cut it even shorter. Silly hair – who needs it. I missed a few spots and luckily I ran into Brandon and he helped me clean up the back peachfuzz I had missed.

I told Brandon he was going to have to start offering up some content. He’s been good at advertising and generating a following for the TEA blog, but he’s not helping me with the “mildly entertaining stories” part of the operation.

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Shannon said...

Tell Brandon his Aunt Shannon said he needs to get goin' on helpin' with the "mildly entertaining stories". I'd love to read some from his perspective. Also, wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. Brandon's Grandparent's (or as I like to call and dad) got me hooked. I try to read them at lunch or before I leave work. Keep up the good work. Take Care and God Bless!!!