Thursday, March 13, 2008

Job Humor

You know how people always come up with jokes about where you work and things that are funny to you in your job. Like the movie "office space" and the TPS cover sheets. Each office has it's own little lexicon of funny things.

We've developed the same for the boards we sit on. I know it may not be funny to you and maybe even difficult for you to understand, but we've started to kid each other about things in life as they relate to our cases.
For example - many of them are "farmers" and they constantly refer to that or sometimes they will say "I only go from my house to work and back again - that's all I do"...well when we sit around at dinner (the family meal) we'll make jokes about "I'm only a MNFRC member...all I do is go from the courthouse to my POD. I never do anything else"

I know that won't be as funny to you, but it is very interesting to me how quickly we become desensitized to things. We don't joke about the individuals - but the general situation we are in and hearing the same stories over and over.

Stink - this will be the subject of a future blog I am sure - but Bucca has a smell all it's own. It is nasty. I mean nasty. I like to call it "MNFRC Fresh" -it is just wrong.

Things are good here. Normal flow of work, plenty to read/watch, and now just have to hunker down for the long haul of time before I'm done.

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