Monday, March 3, 2008

I knew I should've taken a left turn at Albuquerque.

Colors...who says there is no color in the desert? Chuck and I debated if these were from "us" (meaning American stuff that had dropped seeds for the weeds that were somehow scattered here) or indigenous to the area. I say "us" he says birds, wind and other stuff has scattered weeds everywhere. I said I guess he is right.

These lovely pieces of pollen are right outside our CHU. Nothing spectacular - just a bloom in the gravel.

I also wanted to show you the Flag someone left us. It was here when we moved in and obvisously has seen better days. I show it here to give you some perspective of the wind. It always blows and you can see how tattered it has made our little piece of Americana. Not sure if they sell flags at the PX. I'll have to look.

Another thing to show you is the street signs. All these rows of CHUs look alike, you have to look for things to help you remember on what row to turn. The Flag is one indicator as well as this cleverly disguised case of water. Some think it's just there as trash - Chuck and I know it is our street sign telling is this is where we live and that we do need to turn left.

As I have walked around I have seen some more interesting "decorations" I'll have to share. It was dark tonight when I saw them so they will have to wait.

One more flower shot for the nature lovers. I tried out the new (commercial vendor) Internet Cafe. For $5 an hour you can plug in your own laptop and get decent download speeds. I videocam-ed (is that a verb??) with K. It wa nice to see her face. I had not seen her in a few weeks so that we both enjoyed the few minutes. Even the little guy and baby Lu seemed to be excited about it.

A free and partially torn US flag to the person who can tell me what person would always say the line in the title?

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uus2ban05 said...

I believe it was Bugs Bunney...he said it everytime he came up out of the tunnel he was digging when he was going from one place to the next.