Sunday, March 2, 2008

Feel free to stay and sit a spell...

Slowly but surely I'm making a home of the place. Now I have a chair. When I was a LT I remember talking about you always need a buddy chair at your desk so people can sit and chat with you. Not sure how many buddies I'll have come visit, but at least I have somewhere to sit. Chuck bought a canvas folding/camping type chair and sat outside and read some today. I'm trying to spend as little money as possible. Which brings me to the story of today's "acquisition"
I debated the technique of ask permission vs begging forgiveness. I'm usually of the inclination to ask first. So we got the truck and headed over...we needed tools to remove the seat so I had to at least ask for those...we quickly were referred to the "supervisor" who was happy to let us take what we needed.
I didn't take pictures of the removal process...don't want too much evidence if you know what I mean. Only four small bolts were holding these babies down, so it was only a few minutes to get them out. I felt better asking for permission and not having any shadows cast over this AF acquisition like some other programs. I am glad to say we now have two slightly dusty and used sets of seats in our cozy pod. Now that most of us have pods...the construction of desks, shelves, tables, and other furniture has begun at the courthouse. We've found some scrap wood and most people are slowly equipping their pod with the comforts of home (or at least the comforts of an early pioneer type furniture). Brandon made a desk for inside his and a small table for outside to be social around. I was impressed by his work. I told him I may have to enlist his help for a small table of my own (to replace the standard table of water bottle cases).
I made it to the traditional Chapel service today. It was OK. The subject of the sermon was a list of moral issues addressed in some way in the Biblical moral issues: Abortion, Creation, Gambling and a few others. He only spent a couple of minutes on each. I felt like he didn't do any of them justice. I don't mention it to critique him (ok well yes, I do), but I do want to mention creation. God's got something for me on that one. It keeps coming up in my life since I've been deployed. Maybe I can find some answers in the Rick and Bubba Code. Pictured here.
Ribs again - yummy. They have opened a new Internet cafe here. I think it is a pay as you go. I've heard $5 per hour...I'll have to check it out. Also heard rumor of an "Indian" DFAC here....hmm something with some spice?

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Ted, check out It's a great website with a wealth of research and science. Also the Institute for Creation Research is worth checking out.