Monday, March 31, 2008

It doesn’t suck enough here…

The other services like to give the Air Force a hard time. We aren’t tough enough or live in harsh enough conditions or something like that. It all comes back to some sort of jealousy that the AF thinks that creature comforts for soldiers are important. I won’t debate that issue here – I agree. The average Airman is not as used to living in rough conditions as an Army Soldier or Marine. But who cares? Well in true AF fashion my deployment kit is now complete. We have cable TV in the POD. Thanks to my roommate and his birthday (see Operation Birthday Box) there is a TV tuner that coverts cable TV into a signal through USB to play on a laptop computer. We get 10 channels from the Armed Forces Network feed from Europe.
I took a turn with the new toy last night and watched the NASCAR race from Martinsville as well as two NCAA basketball games. It was awesome. I must say the remote control he bought along with the tuner is the hook. Switching back and forth from channel to channel was nice. You should know the cable has been outside the whole time we have been here, but without a TV we had no way to watch nor were we willing to spend money on a TV that is 220V. So it’s really an Army thing – not just AF.

My Dad continues to poke fun of me and the AF (he’s an old Army guy who was stationed in the Germany and lived in the mud more than he wanted to). Well I am sure he’ll love this story. Cable TV in a war-zone. What have we come to?

As I read the book 1776 and reflect upon the differences between the rag-tag bunch of patriots fighting the well trained and equipped red-coats, I can’t help but see the comparison with today’s modern battle in the war on terror. The most technologically advanced armed force of history (with cable TV in their pods) fighting against many who are illiterate and can barely afford the basics of life.

On a lighter note – I went to the gym this morning and right as I walked in the door I noticed something wasn’t right. It was quiet and less crowded than I have ever seen. Then the wave of hot air hits me. Ahhh now I realize the electricity is out. Remember everything runs off giant commercial generators here. The generator was out. Well now I have the choice – return to my POD and hit the gym later or continue and workout as planned just sweating a whole lot more. I stayed. Not sure if that makes me more dedicated or just stupid. Just so you know it was HOT HOT HOT in there. As I churned away on the elliptical (treadmills require electricity) I watched many people walk in make a funny face and then leave. I actually enjoyed it…it was like being back in Arkansas in the humid summer. Some of my running buddies could attest that I usually enjoy a hot day run more than a cold day run.


Anonymous said...

Ted, I loved the looks gooooo on ya! Hey, I don't think any of my emails are making it to you. I've sent a couple now--the most recent after you sent me an email saying you got the package. Let me know. Glad you enjoyed the chicken wing card. BTW, you're right about the 1776 book and modern comparisons to the war on terror. I need to pick up the book again--I didn't quite make it through the last time since I was interrupted by a PCS. Stay safe, mi amigo!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you stayed cool in the gym by thinking about the time you spent ump-teen minutes in that 40 degree water hole/pool in Aspen - so funny. I just remember you shaking w/ blue lips a turning blue face. So funny. Anyhow, we went to Jason's Deli tonight and drank "Dublin Dr. Pepper" - no high fructose syrup, made from "only pure Imperial sugar cane". It tasted pretty similar and good. Ever had it? Cheers, Jeffy

Anonymous said...

Hey Ted, just wanted to say hi. For some reason none of my posts have made it in...not sure what I'm doing wrong. Stay safe.