Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Newton's First Law

uus2ban05 wins the prize. Buggs Bunny always missed that left. The box of water helps me to remember when to turn. I'll get that flag out to you...someday.
Many of my readers are in the south and I know you got some snow recently so I'll send you some winter pictures. People decorate outside the PODs and the law of inertia takes over. Once you put something up it seems to stay there forever. These pictures will prove that. Check out the sandy penguin.

You can also see that someone had a Christmas tree up...and it's still here along with all the lights strung throughout the covering between PODs. It's actually pretty neat in the evening. The pictures don't do it justice because I have such a plain camera - so only day pics.
So some of you know that I'm quite standoff-ish, or so I have been told. Another confirmation of that the other day. Someone who has now known me for a 3-4 weeks said. You know you were quiet when you first got here, but now you are pretty funny. They said something else I don't remember, but I quickly told them yeah - it's my tragic flaw I'm standoff-ish. (quick - Armfield kids - explain what "tragic flaw" means to your mother for extra credit points).
MAIL - wahoo!! Lots of DVDs in the mail today from family of recorded TV shows. That completely rocks. Also I made some shelves for my locker. I confirmed my lack of skill in the woodworking department. Maybe I should get that "famous Ted" to show me how to build some things. (Does anybody know if he is is a TEA reader?) Next up is some sort of table to replace the cases of water that currently pretend to be a nightstand.

I walked by this POD last night and they had the door open and a movie on with people spilling out in to the walkway. It was kind of funny.

Also got some more reading material in the mail. I'm set for a few, movies, and reading.

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