Sunday, March 30, 2008

I need to vent...

I had this whole page of whine typed out that I just deleted. I was going to complain about my working conditions and the lack of leadership understanding/working to fix the problems. It was all centered on some contract issue and people not sitting down and solving the problem but instead just pointing fingers. But then that is what I was about to do as well. I’ll stop complaining.

On to brighter things. I mentioned a few days back we had a cookout. It was a kind of farewell for one of the leaders of our courthouse activities…his rotation was done and he was moving on. Well here are some pictures of the yummy food. I was a little more prepared this time (with my spork – thanks Gwyn) and made a pass through the DFAC to pick up a couple of sodas to drink. We had an assortment of music and a large crowd. Someone counted over 60 people, so it was a great turnout.

Other random thoughts:
Had my weekly bible study tonight. It was really good. We are studying Acts. I saw detainees today but I’m off tomorrow. Maybe I’ll hit the gym again right as the power goes out. It’s time for me to submit a package for Squadron Command Selection board. I’m not sure I’m interested. I’ve moved way more than I want to in the last few years and add the deployment and this would make another mandatory move. I may sit out a year and then try for it next year. I’m sure many of my mentors will now start to counsel me otherwise. I have a few weeks to decide.

Perspective – always perspective – one of the Army Majors that is here for boards (his second trip from somewhere else in the country) made a comment at dinner about his 458 days or something like that (he’s on a 15 months deployment). The rest of the table (all USAF on 6 months rotations) became silent. We just have no comparison to the life they live these days.

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