Friday, March 21, 2008

March Madness

I know it has been a long time since I posted. I apologize. I know the readers of TEA were accustomed to a daily report, and I have failed you for many days. Yesterday was a glorious day. #1 – since there is no court on FRI I only had to see my 20 cases – no file review for SAT. #2 – I finished in time to make it to the gym – for the last week that had not been the case (oh the puns). #3 – It was Mexican food night at the D-FAC – wahoo – my favorite. Ok it is not really good Mexican but it’s all I get. #4 – I spent a few dollars and paid for some “high” speed internet. I was able to video-call K and the kids. It was very nice to see and hear them. Unfortunately the kids are all still very little and wanted to do nothing more than fight to be in front by the computer. Even with the trouble, I thought it was worth it. #5 – Yesterday was the beginning of the NCAA Men’s BBall tourney. One of my favorite times of the year. Unfortunately I was only able to see a few of the games since the time change holds me back. In fact I was desperately trying to stay awake and watch the end of the Kentucky game. They had not lost an opening round game since the 80’s, they are a fellow SEC team so I had to root for them. They had lost many games early in the season and just barely made it to the big dance. Well I found myself “waking” up in the chair over the last few seconds. I did see the end but I was pretty much gone for the last few minutes since it was midnight. UK lost and I shuffled back to my POD on the other side of the base and settled in for a long night’s sleep.

Did I tell you I have the best wife in the whole world? She has powered through and continues to keep her spirits high. She has filed taxes, found us new renters for our house in OH (we pray), solved a couple of maintenance problems at house at home station as well as in OH (including flooded basement), and has a serious looker for the old van we are selling…not to forget all the while maintaining the hectic lifestyle of a mother of 4 young ones. She completely ROCKS! I’m the luckiest man alive.

I had a plan to post a "sounds of Bucca" that has to be delayed because of production difficulties. Instead here's a pic from our social gathering tonight. This is a buddy of mine that sat on the boards with me all this week. He's a good ole'boy for sure and we're pretty much right at ease together. More pics of the gathering (read "abe" had another cookout for everyone) will follow in the coming days.

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