Thursday, March 27, 2008

Counting My Blessings

So the mail is has been coming in at a steady pace recently. A buddy sent me a book (per my request) but he also sent me some more fun stuff. This picture gives you an idea of some of what he sent. Too bad I can't wear this to the DFAC. He also sent a musical card with the chicken dance on it. Once that get's in your head - it's hours of entertainment.
In regards to the Easter blog - K asked me what I expected. She said things are no different in the states with chocolate bunnies and eggs surrounding the holiday back home, and after all the predominant religion here is Islam. I don't have a good answer for her. I'm not sure what I expected. Just seemed curious to me.
The internet café just keeps getting slower and slower around here. I spent 10 min in there today and not one page would load up. Worthless. I've now gone to surrogate posting. I email this to K and she posts for me. (Did I mention she rocks?)
I've mentioned this before - it's all about perspective. As I was reading my files for the next day I was in the room with another Army officer. He was talking to someone else and he mentioned he was in the Guard but on active status for this deployment. Said it was his third time over since 03. His son is 5 years old and he's only been home for 1 birthday. He lost his job (they "downsized"), he's divorced, and doesn't really know his kids anymore. It slapped me in the face that some pay a much higher price than I do when I whine about missing my DP. And that doesn't even consider someone who gets hurt or those that lose family members over here. I'll start praying for that guy.

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