Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lost in Translation

OK I know I've pushed this joke as far as I can. It seems like everywhere I turn there is some poorly written sign. This truck is full of fuel - gasoline. And this sign is a classic example - actually it is techincally correct. Inflammable does mean combustible, but inflammable is rarely used anymore becuase most confuse it with non flammable.
We are having a nice dip in the weather and things are pleasant before the real heat sets in.
There is a big Baskball tournament going on tonight on the main b-ball court. Makes me sad - I wish I could play more. Maybe I'll get out there someday. Schedule and friends are a problem. It appears most play with others from a unit and such. And when they really get going I'm usually doing a blog or calling K. Also - No B-ball shoes so it will be tough in running shoes.
I'm doing well. Been busy with work. Sorry I'm not more funny today.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you'd get invited on a b-ball team if you weren't so darn standoffish! - Jeffy