Friday, March 14, 2008


In an effort to increase the sagging attendance numbers, the local chapel staff has installed a putting green. Speaking on condition of anonymity a chaplain’s assistant said “Things were getting rough. We knew we had to do something drastic leading up to Easter. The ‘life-giving water’ sermon was just not working here in the desert.” The Green was installed just a day or so ago without much fanfare. The chapel has long been known as a place to find rest and relaxation. The covered porch area here at Bucca usually has some “boxes” full of miscellaneous items for soldiers. Some hygiene products (shampoo/toothpaste/lotions), some greeting cards, some varied reading materials – but now they are reaching out to a new more interactive setup under the shade of the porch. Other events planned leading up to Easter Sunday include: Monday showing of The Passion of the Christ, Tuesday the 10 Commandments, A Good Friday service, and a grand finale with a sunrise service on Easter Sunday.

Ok I’m just teasing. The putting green has nothing to do with Easter – or at least I don’t know that it does. They do have this set-up outside. I took a few putts after my photos. I thought it was a great idea. I remember when we were in Baghdad and some of the buildings had places to drive golf balls into the lakes. The Chapel does have a plan to show the movies I listed as well.

Today was my standard ½ day because we don’t have boards on Fridays. After feeling under the weather for a few days I made it back to the gym today. I’m getting psyched up for the impending March Madness Tournament. Too bad I don’t have a good place to watch it as much as I would watch it if I was at home.

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