Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Covenant

I’ve decided I can’t keep up with the daily blogs…at least I can’t post the same day as I write. So I’m trying a new tactic. I’ll write one day and then post the next. This will allow me to use my own laptop most of the time and then just post when I can sneak a few minutes onto the internet.

Welcome to day one of the experiment. I’m typing this on Sat – but you may not see it until Sunday – tricky I know. The big news for the day – no news. Wait, that’s not completely true, I heard we topped 100 degrees today. Mar 22. Nice. Can’t wait for JUNE.

Brandon is on R&R – slacker. He and another LT got their 4 days of R&R and they are off enjoying the luxury of $6 beers. He sent me a note and said it was fun. I got up before the sun today and made it into the D-FAC to watch my Razorbacks beat Indiana in the NCAA tourney. Next up – North Carolina – ouch.

We finally have a nice phone in our office. We had some piece of trash (literally) that someone found and we plugged into our one line. Since then we found a nice new phone. I used it tonight to share a few minutes with K on a DSN moral call. Hadn’t done that in a while so it was nice (moral call is a free call using govt phones we got some allotted amount of minutes every few days). Instead I usually just use this thing they have called “SPAWAR”. I am sure it’s some acronym I don’t know – anyway they offer $0.4 per minute calling. That is also the same place I use the internet (for free). The phones are scratchy but they are much cheaper than AT&T ($0.20 per minute). The Internet is slow – but it’s free.

Ok enough jabbering on…I’m off to bed so I can make it to Easter sunrise service tomorrow.
Christ is Risen…Risen Indeed.

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