Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Not sure if I mentioned this but the other day, but for the "Easter" holiday the DFAC was decorated. They put up banners and eggs and bunnies and lots of pastel colors. They put candy out and had a special dinner meal with special dinner hours. They really made a big deal about it. I was kind of offended that they made such a big deal about it and had no reference to the reason for the "celebration". There was not a single religious reference (in the DFAC). I know that is a difficult issue, especially where we are and trying to win the hearts and minds and such...but come on. The only hint of a Christian "decoration" were two tables in the shape of a T (cross) that were conspicuously out in the middle of the seating area. This arrangement was not the standard arrangement for the tables and was gone the next day. I pointed it out to the rest of the deployed family. Most of them had not noticed it...

Just to be clear - we take every FRI off in respect for the local customs and culture...but I worked Easter Sunday. Just making an observation. Sorry if I sound bitter, just want to give you insight into life here in the sand.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the insight. This angers me, too. I would have been equally upset. Sorry you had to go through that.