Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bare your Sole

You never know how much you appreciate paved roads, sidewalks, and grass until you have to live without them. We have none of the above. The roads are all just grated dirt and very bumpy, there is a mix of gravel and sand everywhere else. We have a few “metal” sidewalks that they have put down in areas of high traffic. All this rough ground to walk on is pretty tough on the shoes. Here’s a pic of mine. The running shoes were brand new when I got here and are pretty nasty only 2 months into the deployment. The picture really doesn’t let you see how rough they look after only after a short time. I even had K send me an old pair of running shoes to wear when I'm not working out and the good shoes are still getting ratty.

BTW – this blog is being posted on a new wireless internet some guys are starting up. I’m debating if I’ll sign up or not. Chuck requested the cable TV service they have for our POD. Granted we don’t have a way to watch it yet – but he ordered a tuner to watch it on his laptop.

Went to the contemporary service at the Chapel today. I liked that better than the Traditional service I went to last week. The temp is picking up day by day. It has been into high 80s - low 90s so far. Starting to see more critters about. Bugs and things on the desert floor lurking around.

Funny thing - Iraq does not observe DST like the US. Not that they should, but when they stood up the new govt - I guess 1 APR was the official day to change the clocks. We did not spring forward here at Bucca and not sure if or when we will.

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