Saturday, March 8, 2008

Slow News Day

Sorry nothing really exciting to report.
1. Two fluorescent bulbs in our pod - the one on my side burned out. I submitted a work order to get it replaced, and the guy said by contract they have 2 weeks to fix it. But it should not take that long. I hope not.
2. Heard they surrounded the broken down buses with concertina (sp?) wire - wonder if the blog had anything to do with that?
3. Netflix movie #2 arrived. It's really really slow getting those things back and forth. Have I told you about the Haji (our slang) movie shop? They sell pirated movies here like they are hotcakes. Some are really bad - just some guy sitting in the movie theater recording. You can hear the laugh track from the audience in the theater and then sometimes a guy will get up and block the camera. I have refrained from buying from them on principle. They are anywhere from $3-5 for a movie. And the shop always has people in there shopping. Frankly I'm offended that they allow that but I guess it helps keep the masses happy. Seems kind of wrong to allow people to knowingly violate the copyright laws...oh well. There were many articles about that issue (it is prevalent across the country not just here at Bucca) in the Stars and Stripes Editorial section a month or so ago. No change in policy from what I can tell.

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Kirk Filbey said...

Hey there Ted, just started catching up on your blog. Had a good laugh when you mentioned the bootlegged movies. I had an opportunity to watch a few when I was over there and yes, they really are bad. Anyway, take care...having lots of fun reading. Stay safe.